Dear Gardeners

The 2012/2013 gardening season is almost here! Hard to believe this is already our fourth year! We hope you have been having a good summer, and getting some time to rest.  We had a great activity day with our Boy Scouts troop last month – and Jen’s Max who worked his heart out: some serious mulching of the paths was accomplished.  The garden is looking beautiful! Obviously, things get slower – and weedier – in the summer.  We give our plots and ourselves a break from the heat… but, some can’t stay away for long….  We have been learning more about what thrives in the heat, and what is perennial in our climate, such as Okinawa spinach, calaloo and katuk.  Still the main season begins now.

It is time to renew garden plots.  We will also be building some new plots and welcome new gardeners.  We keep growing! See the new contract by clicking on the tab of the page above.  And see our facebook page,

More gardeners are moving beyond their boxes and joining those who are developing the potential of the whole garden – and even beyond the fence to our beautiful trees to the west and the view of the water to the north – as a place for themselves, families, friends and local community.  Rosa regularly brings children and families to the garden and has brought to us a beautiful edible and educational area on the east side. Satya discovers and shares amazing and beautiful plants: the winged Asian beans and gourds she planted on the west fence are abundant!

Anne shares insights from her decades of organic gardening.   Carolyn quietly shows up and instantly sees and does what needs organizing on gathering days.  The row crops Lee planted produced much food for donation last year as did the circle garden lovingly tended by our Girl Scouts troop and other gardeners.   Paul has contributed hours of weed-whacking, and Hector started helping from when he first came, even helping build his own garden plot last year. You can’t keep Jackie away from beautifying the entranceway and collecting, planting and giving away seeds and plants. Judi and Marga, along with some Permaculture Miami friends, put in the Banana/Papaya circle garden, possible partly through generous donations from Carol and Rosa.  And Steve keeps track of our plots, our gardeners, our needs and our money!  And Jackie, Steve, Judi and Lee spend many hours a year keeping the garden on track and running.

We will be meeting in September to sign garden contract plots, go over guidelines, sign-up for work details, share ideas, information, seeds and seedlings, skills and talents, food and fun.  Our first gathering is Saturday, September 15 2012, during the day, times to be announced, and it will include plot-building. Our second gathering will be Friday evening, September 21.

See you in the garden!

Your garden advisory committee: Jackie, Steve, Judi and Lee

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