2nd Donation to Local Food Pantry Shows We’ve Got Religion about Our Gardening!

Come Out and See What’s Growing! 

It’s early yet, but 2013 is looking like an abundant (and fruitful!) year for our garden club.  In fact, we just donated our second round of fresh produce to the Pentecostal Gospel Temple Ministries in Margate. According to devoted volunteer and rotary garden club member, Lee S. the church’s food pantry was delighted to receive 44 pounds of assorted fresh veggies; these included huge heads of broccoli, kale, string beans and collards. He said a line of folks had already formed when he drove up with the goods.

At its inception 4 years ago, our garden did not yet have the concept of donating. The community area concept sort of grew along with us, or maybe helped grow us…..  Today, we can proudly say we’ve met the goal of donating twice. We look forward to returning to the food shelter with our new bounty once it’s harvested. Lee says he’s excited to see what comes up from the watermelon, zucchini and squash seeds just planted. 

If you have a well-maintained garden plot, by all means bring a friend and show them around. They’ll be amazed at the waist high crops that include everything from big plump tomatoes, to heads of cabbage big enough to hide in. Gardener Lee says he cooked up his cabbage harvest last night and it was to die- for-good. Another gardener mentioned being delighted by her haul in okra—especially after a visit to the grocery store confirmed that less than a pound of okra costs over $4!

Yes, indeed the mindset of a community gardener is perhaps the most perfect one to have in times of climate change and economic uncertainty—and it sure is wonderful to eat too, not to mention pretty to look at. Stop by some time to admire the brightly colored flowers that border the garden; water a friend’s rosebush or simply pay it forward with a little weeding. Once you pay your annual dues and get the combination to enter the garden, the rest is a snap(pea) ; )!!

Find Out How to Be a Part of our 2013 Goals

Since our goals for the new year include creating a nice, meandering gravel pathway, gazebo for shady meetings, and 4 or 5 new plots, your interest in our garden is more than welcome. For more information, click the contact link. Now go and peace to love and serve your garden bed.

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