Rotary Community Garden Food Forest is coming! Sign up for the Design Workshop January 24-25, 2015

We are very excited to announce our upcoming Food Forest Design Workshop, Saturday and Sunday, January 24 and 25, 2015, 9 am to 5 pm, on the Sportsplex campus, where our garden is.   A food forest is a layered mini ecosystem, designed to behave like a forest, including plant diversity, which produces food – from fruit on trees to leaves on ground level plants –  for the human and nonhuman community around it.

We will have the privilege to be learning from designer Erica Klopf, who brings a high level of knowledge, experience and teaching excellence to us.  Erica designed the Florida Gulf Coast University Food Forest (  She writes:

“Come ye plant nerds, tropical fruit enthusiasts, and permaculture designers for a weekend of in-depth analysis and design collaboration that will result in a landmark food forest in Coral Springs.

Join us as we explore historical examples of food forests and learn about strategies for their design, including microclimate design, sun catches, spacing, ADA compliance, windbreaks, and guild design.  Join us in a discussion on the phases of ecological succession in natural ecosystems. How does our disturbance regime affect the succession of our food forests and how do we design our phasing based on human disturbance over time?

Get your plant geek on with in-depth discussion on species for the subtropics including pioneer trees, nitrogen fixers, dynamic accumulators, natives, host plants, perennial vegetables, fruit trees, and windbreaks. Then, join in the application of material covered to create design drafts for the Rotary Community Garden Food Forest.”

The in-class portions will be at the meeting room at the Tennis Center, where we will gather to begin the course on Saturday morning.  Site analysis and design development portions will be at the future food forest site, beside the west fence of the community garden,  about a quarter of a mile north of the Tennis Center, on the same (East) side of the street, by the Dog Park.

Call Judi Gulko at the phone number on the flyer for further information, including registration


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