Beautiful Butterflies

As I unlocked the garden gate and walked into the garden yesterday morning, I was delighted to see colorful butterflies flitting about looking for nectar. With flowers in full bloom, and the butterflies gliding in morning sunshine, the garden was like a small slice of paradise! Recently our gardeners planted more milkweed for monarch butterflies. In addition, we continue to monitor the health of other butterfly host plants and add nectar plants for many species of butterflies. We do this for 4 reasons:

1Butterflies are pollinators that are essential for the reproduction of plants, even wild plants, and these plants are nectar for other pollinating insects.

2 – Some butterfly species, like the monarch and atala, are endangered. Their survival is so important to the diversity of of plants and other species that many government agencies and other wildlife organizations are working to help them survive and thrive.

3 – Helping one butterfly species survive, helps other less known species to survive. Measures taken to protect the monarch for instance, also helps the cycnia moth which relies on milkweed, too.

4Beauty and Awe! Maybe this one should be first! Butterflies make the garden magical and enrapture us with their beautiful form and delicacy.

Below is a link to where you will see a publication about butterflies on the right.

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