Students Visit the Garden

On a sunny day last week the garden was visited by a delightful group of 15 home school students and their chaperones. They were given tours of the Food
Forest and vegetable garden by Jackie Ida where they learned about the importance of good soil management, composting and companion planting. The children sampled cherry tomatoes and carrots, engaged their senses by smelling fragrant flowers, herbs and touching smooth leaves.

Satya Rudin walked the children through the the section of the garden dedicated to pollinators – butterflies and bees. The students saw monarch caterpillars on milk weed, atala caterpillars on coontie and observed bees in the apiary. They learned about the importance of pollinators in a garden. Each child was given a butterfly identification guide to take home.

After the tours, the students were so happy to plant a milkweed seed in a pot to take home. They also made a radish seed necklace to see understand how germination takes place when a seed has warmth and water.

Everyone enjoyed the visit to the garden. It was the perfect way to spend a beautiful spring day!

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