Growing Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great choice for a South Florida garden. They are easy to grow, and both the tuber and the leaves are nutritious. Sweet potatoes are a heat loving vegetable so they are perfect for growing in the hot summer months. Here in South Florida you can grow them year long. They take about 4 months before they are ready to harvest. Once harvested, sweet potatoes need to be cured by resting in a dark place with good air flow. This allows the tuber to develop the sweetness it is known for. Try them, you’ll like them!

Make your own slips from an organic sweet potato
The vines will spread with beautiful heart shaped leaves that are edible.
Sweet potatoes are related to morning glories and have beautiful flowers.
After 4-5 months, harvest and cure your sweet potatoes and enjoy!

A few tips:

1-they grow well in loose organic soil – raised beds are perfect

2-only need 1 inch of water a week – don’t overwater

3-you can fertilize lightly

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