Happy Holidays from your community garden in Coral Springs! New Plots Coming Soon

Everyone’s walking around wondering how the holidays are already upon us.  Happy Holidays to All!

It has been a very busy time for the garden.  We are loving the cooler weather.  Down here in Zone 10/South Florida,  it began to cool off sufficiently in September for many of the vegetables we love to grow properly.  Gardeners were busy planting seeds and plants mostly in September, some a little earlier, some a little later.

Our garden plots are full!  And they are beautiful!  Pictures will follow in the next little while.

We have quite a waiting list!  Many of you have requested plots,  We are pleased to report that we anticipate building new plots, with the first ones to be built within the next couple of months.  We will let people on the waiting list know as soon as they are available.  Please call if you are interested in a plot.  We apologize in advance if we take a little time getting back to you.  We are all volunteers with full-time jobs but we love the garden and are grateful for the city of Coral Springs’s support!

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