Harvesting Begins

The garden is looking so beautiful!  Walk around and you see tomatoes, eggplant, Taro, all kinds of lettuces, spinach, amaranth, marigolds, broccoli, cauliflower…. and more…

Take a breath and you breathe in the delightful fragrances of rosemary, basil, mint…. and not just one kind of each but thai basil, chocolate mint, lemon basil…

Stop and look at the lake and the see the birds diving, the butterflies flying… See one gardener over here watering.  Over there, two are laughing and exchanging advice about gardening, clippings of herbs, tomatoes, peppers and seeds.

Lettuces, and spinaches are ripe to be harvested regularly, and gardeners are patiently waiting on tomatoes!  There are strawberries ripening! For the next few months, something will be ready to be harvested and enjoyed, while lots of other things are growing!

Here are some pics.  More will follow.

I leave the garden with lettuce and broccoli from my plot, rosemary and lemon grass from one neighbor, chocolate mint from another, and a smile on my face.

A neighbour gardener tells me he’s been thrilled to supply his family with lettuce for months – fresh, delicious lettuce he’d grown with his own hands, rather than purchased at the grocery store.

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