May Workday

Memorial Grove

Dear Gardeners and Volunteers,

Please join us on Sunday, May 1st from 5 – 8 PM for our garden and food forest work day, There is a lot to do and your help and participation will be very much appreciated. We will have snacks and fun give aways! Don’t forget your garden gear – hats, gloves, work shoes, water and sunblock.

Garden Tasks

Move the tool shed, weed and mulch east fence, butterfly garden and mandala

Food Forest Tasks

Mulch the Grove, Ridge and Mango Tree. weed the gravel path, weed and mulch the flower beds, fertilize and water the fruit trees.

All gardeners should work to their skill and physical levels on the workday for the general good of the garden and food forest. There is always something each of us can do to maintain the beauty of our shared space. Remember, each gardener has committed to a minimum of 12 hours of volunteer service in 2021/2022 to contribute to the upkeep of the garden and food forest.

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