The Memorial Grove

A beautiful spot has been created in the Helena Ramsey Memorial Garden which is part of the Rotary Coral Springs Community Garden and Food Forest. One of our gardeners, Debbie Wenger, saw an area that she believed would be an ideal spot for visitors to feel the peace of the garden. After discussing the idea with other members, she applied for and received grant money in May 2021. It was called the Pollinator Project and $1000 was used to purchase soil and plants which were all pollinator and wildlife compatible. An incredible amount of work was required to prepare the area, cleaning out bushes and weeds, adding the soil, and finally planting. Soon, the project began to grow and a moon arch was installed and benches purchased and painted. More flowering bushes and plants have been added and the work is ongoing. Volunteers weed and water daily and the once weedy spot has turned into a beautiful oasis for people, butterflies and birds. Thank you Debbie, Satya, Judy, Susan, Anne, Bez, Eric and many others who labored to make this special grove for the community. Here are a few before and after photos.


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